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Last update: 28.02.2011

Siri Bellydance

Ahlan Wa Sahlan! Welcome to my homepage.

My name is Siri, and I am a professional bellydancer and -instructor from Norway - the land of fairytales, northern lights and the midnight sun (as well as a troll or two).


August 2010: Siri performing and teaching at JWAAD's annual summer school in England. www.jwaad.com

16 October 2010: Siri performing and teaching at festival in Trondelag, Norway. Guests includes Irina Popova of Russia. www.svetlanasdans.no

5 - 7 November 2010: 1001 Nights - Oslo Bellydance Festival. Now bi-annual. Instructors: Anna Barner Sarp of Denmark, Diana tarkhan of Cairo and Siri of Oslo. www.1001natt.com

March 11 - 13, 2011: Siri perfroming and teaching at the World of Orient festival in Hannover, Germany

April 1 - 3, 2011: Siri performing and teaching at the annual 1001 Nights - Oslo Bellydance Festival. Guest stars include Anasma from New York - www.1001natt.com

April 21 + 22, 2011 Siri teaching and performing in Holbek, Denmark. Organized by Anna Barner Sarp. www.annabarner.dk



Find me on Facebook; siribellydance


On these pages you will soon find info about upcoming workshops and performances, Workshop topics, how to book Siri and/or her troupe Bellystars. There'll be info on instructional DVDs, bellydance festivals, retreats and other fun events around the world, as well as links to other dancers and whatever else I feel like linking to. For now, check out my other websites:

www.oslomagedans.com - my bellydance school in Oslo (most in Norwegian but some English info too)

www.sandvikamagedans.com - my bellydance school in Sandvika (Norwegian only)

www.1001natt.com - the annual bellydance festival I organize in Oslo (English info too)

www.balibellydance.com - the annual bellydance retreat I organize in Bali, Indonesia (in English)


Other Norwegian websites of interest:

www.sio.no - worked as aerobics instructor here until I became full time bellydancer, still teach their advanced classes in bellydance. (English info too)

www.danseforbundet.no - the Norwegian Dance Association, I am in charge of their bellydance teacher training (Norwegian only)

Me and my camel (Oslo airport celebrating 10 years with bellydance shows by the gates - never have more flights been delayed, they just couldn't get the passengers on board)